Considering New Feature – Competitor Monitoring

One of the features I’m planning to add soon is competitor monitoring. I am still not sure exactly what should be done there and would like to hear what you got to say.
Roughly, here is what I have in mind:

  • Monitor about 5 main competitor sites
  • Get their ranking for the main search terms your site has
  • Show their main back links

One thing we need to ask here is what are we looking for. Figuring their strategies, seeing how we stand compared to them, or some other objective.

Go ahead and shoot your thoughts.


Most of my clients have competitors that are way behind in SEO.
So, I am not sure what to tell you.
For me, just the numbers (in one place) would be helpful.

I have been thinking about competitor back link analysis recently and how useful it would be.

However, traditional methods of back link analysis tend to show dull and not very useful lists. How about doing some visual network analysis with the data (as being pioneered in the field of social network analysis) would show up key nodes in the network and PERHAPS allow the marketeer to target effort. Something like this MAY shoot Sheerseo into the super league of internet marketing tools!


Jeremy Webb

To get their ranking for the main search terms my site has would be perfect for benchmarking. I have 9 competitor sites I would like to monitor.

Would it be possible to also list a competitor’s list of (maybe 10 to 20) targeted keywords such as is done via the seoquake toolbar? IE: chrome://seoquake/content/plugins/density/density.html?id=1

The feature is live now! You can see it in the online demo

I have added a new package, called professional, which allows up to 5 competitors (could be upgraded to 10 competitors).
At the moment, it does the following:
a. Check the rankings for your competitors and show that in a table together with your site’s rankings.
b. Show historical graphs, comparing the competitors’ rankings to your rankings.
c. Analize the competitors main back links.

I really like the ability to see my competitors main backlinks (those backlinks with high PR) — so great job. I think it would also be great to see the total number of their backlinks and the number of their indexed pages.

Great job on this wonderful tool.


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