Semantic Search in SEO: A Detailed Guide

When you’re browsing Google, you might already notice that this search engine can provide you with every search result you need. For instance: As you can see, this query doesn’t mention Gandalf’s name. However, Google clearly understands who we are talking about and what the information is requested to find out.  This intuitive reasoning is […]

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Keyword Explorer Upgrade

We have worked hard to expand our keyword database. We now added keywords data for Canada and Australia. SheerSEO has keywords data for the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. Total keywords volume for half a trillion keywords. Rankings data for 200 million keywords. We have plans to increase our database to support more countries […]

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FAQ, How-to and Q & A Schema: A Winning SEO Strategy

If you’ve been in the business of digital marketing for a while, you’ve had the luxury of watching things develop over the years. SEO has gone from keyword stuffing your way to the top of the search results, to the art of implementing over 200 ranking factors to achieve a top-ranking. Google isn’t even 30 […]

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Toxic Links Checker

Backlinks are crucial for SEO. We all know that. But it turns out that some links could hurt your website. Those will be links that are suspicious for Google. Here is what Google say about this ( Google works very hard to make sure that actions on third-party sites do not negatively affect a website. […]

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YouTube Rank Checker

YouTube is now the 2nd most popular search engine today. More than Bing and Yahoo. Probably no business today can ignore this fact. And if you haven’t done so already, it is time to start developing some video skills. With more and more millennials joining the consumer market, we can only expect the YouTube market […]

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How To Use The Google My Business Listing To Boost Your SEO

Google, the world’s largest search engine, is committed to helping users to find the answers and information they need. As part of this dedication, it offers businesses a free My Business Listing, which allows them to share details about their company. These listings offer a myriad of benefits for firms, including helping consumers to find […]

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Organic Research

An overview of our new feature, organic research.

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SEO Opportunities During the Corona Outbreak

Managing SEO in Corona Outbreak

The good news I want to share with you, is that such a major event will offer plenty of opportunities for our businesses. I will show those opportunities.

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Keyword Explorer Guide

Here is a simple guide to using our Keyword Explorer feature:

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Rank Tracking Video

View our short guide on how to use our rank tracking feature. The video walks over the different aspects of the rank tracking feature in SheerSEO. How to manage the keywords and how to perform actions like poll now and reports.

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