UI Enhancement – Added Graphs to Main Pages

It’s time to admit. Some of our main pages were a little boring. A lot of data was presented in a big table without any graphics. Specifically, the rankings, backlinks, and domains’ overview pages (in agency accounts). So, we have worked hard to enhance those pages with some helpful graphs. Current Rankings We added a […]

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UI Changes – User Panel & New Menu

Just launched a few UI updates, which should make the UI much cooler and help your experience with SheerSEO. User Panel The user panel shows your current monthly usage and helps with navigation. The top part of the user panel shows you how much of your resources are used/available, so you can plan your usage […]

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Adding Support for 8 More Countries to Keyword Database

Our keywords database is growing every day. This is the database that allows us to get your competitors’ keywords and get keyword suggestions. Just added support to 8 more countries to this database. Each country has millions of keywords data. The added countries are India, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland and Mexico.

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RIP Alexa

Unfortunately, Alexa have announced that they are retiring in May 1, 2022. Pretty surprising, as this is an Amazon company. We, and many other companies used Alexa to rank sites for traffic. The Alexa rank was a number, where 1 was the most visited website in the internet and the bigger the number, the less […]

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Extended Supported Countries for Rank Tracking and Keyword Research

Just added rank tracking support for another 64 countries. Those include china, south korea, saudi arabia, colombia, philippines, pakistan, bangladesh, egypt, peru, iraq, algeria, qatar, kazakhstan, angola, kuwait, sudan, ukraine, morocco, ecuador, cuba, slovakia, sri lanka, ethiopia, kenya, dominican republic, guatemala, oman, myanmar, luxembourg, panama, ghana, bulgaria, costa rica, uruguay, lebanon, belarus, tanzania, macao, Uzbekistan, […]

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Massive Update to Keywords Research

We’ve just finished a massive load to our keyword SERPs Database. The same database that is used for keyword suggestions in Keywords Explorer, Keywords Gap and Organic Research features. SheerSEO has now one of the biggest databases in the industry. With a total of half a billion keyword SERPs.

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Improved Localization

The Localization Problem As probably most of you already know, Google results are localized per your location. That location is first of all your country. But not only. Google can also localize the results per your city, neighborhood, and even zip code. This is mainly critical to local businesses which target customers in their area. […]

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Multiple Logins

Agencies tend to use multiple logins so they can grant/remove access to their employees. This is why we added multiple logins to the agency settings screen. As you can see above. It simply allows the owner of the agency account to create users and remove them. The users have full read/write permissions except for adding/removing […]

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Improved Agency Dashboard

We added some change metrics to the agency dashboard. This is useful for identifying which customer of the agency has improved/declined rankings and thus needs attention. Changes include: number of keywords in first page. Rank Changes, which is a summary of the number of improved rankings minus the number of reduced rankings. Change in estimated […]

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Link Building Service – with Software

Link building service by SheerSEO.
Automated link building using our extensive tools and data.

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