Estimated Clicks

A new feature on SheerSEO I just launched today is the estimated clicks per search term.
Here is a snapshot from our own site’s data (you can see the full results in our online software demo):
Estimated clicks

You can see in the snapshot that there is a new column called “Estimated Clicks”. It shows the estimated clicks you’ll get each month from search engines. The feature is only available in the advanced and professional packages, because it requires the search volume data.

If you are interested to know how we do this, we base the results on the search volume data, the ranking, and the data, leaked by AOL, that lists the click through rate per each ranking. Here are the click-through rates:top 10 SERPs click through by AOL

After first page (top 10 rankings), traffic is getting worst very rapidly:
:lower pages SERPs click through by AOL

Of Course, this is not the real traffic but only an estimation. To get the real data you should use applications like Google Analytics. But, this is very useful for realizing which search term is doing the best and what should you focus your efforts on.
Another use for this I’m planning is to show the total clicks per domain, so we can really analyze the overall SEO success.


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