Extended Supported Countries for Rank Tracking and Keyword Research

Just added rank tracking support for another 64 countries.

Those include china, south korea, saudi arabia, colombia, philippines, pakistan, bangladesh, egypt, peru, iraq, algeria, qatar, kazakhstan, angola, kuwait, sudan, ukraine, morocco, ecuador, cuba, slovakia, sri lanka, ethiopia, kenya, dominican republic, guatemala, oman, myanmar, luxembourg, panama, ghana, bulgaria, costa rica, uruguay, lebanon, belarus, tanzania, macao, Uzbekistan, slovenia, lithuania, serbia, azerbaijan, jordan, tunisia, paraguay, libya, turkmenistan, congo, bolivia, côte d’ivoire, bahrain, cameroon, yemen, latvia, estonia, uganda, zambia, nepal, el salvador, honduras, cambodia, trinidad and tobago & cyprus.

Also added keyword research support for Italy and France.

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Aaron Taylor
9 months ago

Hey Ayal,
Excellent writeup!

8 months ago

Great work Ayal,
The whole information is the extract of hard-earned experience.

Global Traveler
8 months ago

You can add one more info how many countries sheerseo is supporting altogether

Ayal Aldema
Ayal Aldema
8 months ago


8 months ago

Great work.

browse our webpage
5 months ago

Thanks for sharing this informative. Great content!!!

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