Funny Bing Search

Just wanted to share with you a funny search I did on the new Bing search engine.
While developing code for tracking SERPs on Bing I tried monitoring website to see how it is ranked. The most obvious search string I could think of was “search engine”, so here is what I got:
Funny Bing Search String

First I thought I had something wrong with the implementation, but no, Bing thinks that Bing is not in the top 200 results for a “search engine” (:
No matter how you look at this, seems Microsoft needs to do some work on their search engine.
The first “search engine” Bing recommends is dogpile, then comes Ask & AltaVista. Google is in the 17th position and Yahoo at the 9th.

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Nice to notice but you should try the same for

I tried search engine and found following:

first news results then:
#1 dogpile
#2 altavista
#3 bing
#5 ask


Funny or not ?


Wes Linda

Uhhmmm…Microsoft has specifically said it’s not a “search engine” it’s a “decision engine”. Try typing in “decision engine”.

Listen to the marketing folks.

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