Improvements to Backlinks Screen

Backlinks Grouping

Hi, I want to tell you about a few improvements I did to the previously called “Main Referrers” screen.

  1. Renamed it to “Backlinks”. Within the backlinks screen, you have a “List” screen, which simply lists all the backlinks you have. This data is taken from Majestic and we add some of our data to it.
  2. Filtering – We now have a search box that enables you to filter the backlnks by their source URL.
    filter Backlinks
    filter Backlinks

    Notice that once you filtered the links, you can clear that filter using the small button at the right side of the search box.

  3. Grouping – the backlinks are now grouped by source domain. You can group and ungroup by using the +/- buttons next to the domain.

    Backlinks Grouping
    Backlinks Grouping
  4. We’ve also improved our code for refreshing the backlinks.


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