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Automated Link Building

Do we need a link-building service in 2021?

Yes, I think so.

Links are still the number one factor that determines how Google ranks our pages, and getting new links to your site is more complicated than it has ever been.

With most sites marking links with the no-follow attribute, it has become challenging and time-consuming to get new links.

Hard for a professional SEO and almost impossible for the average small business.

I myself tried from time to time to use some link-building services over the internet, but it was a horrible experience. I got rubbish links, and I was probably better off without them.

Once I paid for the links, it took weeks, and the page that linked to my site looked utterly unnatural. The content was crap, and I was literally ready to pay just remove that link.

This is why I came up with this service, and I believe it is excellent for SEOs and even more remarkable for small businesses.

The Need for Real Promotion

Every now and then I have a client. Usually a small business owner (up to 40 employees). They signup for our service. And they expect to get their site ranked in Google.

The problem is that SEO software today only provides you with tools to do the work yourself. You See reports and data, but nothing gets done. It is all built for DIY.

Many clients don’t have the time nor the interest to learn and do SEO for themselves.

So, with this feature, we will try to automate a critical part of the SEO!

Why Do We Need a Software for Link-Building?

Let us look at the process of creating a backlink from a relevant blog.

Steps involved in the process:

  1. Do some keyword research to figure out the best keywords to try to target.
    We do that based on:
    • The business – keywords need to be relevant to the business.
    • The search volume – we want to get as many visitors as possible from the keywords.
    • The keyword difficulty – we should avoid keywords that are impossible to rank. Those are keywords that have the first page of results populated with high-ranked sites.
  2. Find the best sites to get links from. Those sites ideally will already rank for our keywords. If not, at least sites in our niche.
    Of course, we should avoid sites that are competing with the business or have a bad reputation (low citation flow or low trust flow).
  3. Communicate with those sites – this could involve communicating with thousands of sites, just to get a few of them to agree.
  4. Negotiate the terms for the link – this could be for free, but it will often involve money. Some sites are unrealistic with their expectations, so that is part of the time consumption here.
  5. After we get all that done, we come up with a few sites that are good candidates. The terms are right, and the site looks good. At this time, we pick the best offers and finalize the deal.
  6. Once we finalize the deal, we need to validate the link. Is it a good link? Looks natural? Without a no-follow attribute, it doesn’t mention that this is sponsored.
  7. If all is good, we need to pay the site.

The process above is highly time-consuming. This is why so many businesses simply don’t do it.

With our new service, we have software do all that automatically.

Isn’t that great?

All you need to do is pick your link-building package, and that is it!

It currently has four packages, starting at $69/month.

The smaller packages will be mostly directory submission and maybe one blog insertion.

The bigger the package, it will allow for more links and the links will come from more powerful websites.

Needless to say, that most of the money will be spent on purchasing links, not on the software service.

Why Us?

Best Prices

One of the great wins here is that we have more leverage than a site owner with just one site. Which means we can get better prices.

Tons of Data to be Used

Another great advantage that we have is our extensive database with half a billion keywords, rankings, and backlinks.

Using the above data, we know all about the keywords to use, sites that rank for each keyword, and the keyword difficulty.

Also, we know the keywords to target per site, especially if they are using our service because we track their most valuable keywords and have their optimization targets set.

One other thing we know is the backlinks per site. Using backlinks data, we can avoid getting a link from a site that already links to your site.

Vast Experience

SheerSEO supports the SEO community since 2007.

We have seen everything. Really.

We know what to do. And more importantly, we know what to avoid.

Try our link building service

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