Rankings Discrepancies

Many times I get customers saying that our rankings are not correct. While our system may have errors, that is rare.

A more probable cause you see different results in Google than what are system is giving is:

1. Localization – Google gives a different results based on your location. The country is the most critical in this respect, even if you use google.com, your results are not US if you’re outside US. For some keywords, also the city or even the zip code within the city influence the results. Those would usually be keywords that make sense to localize per city, like “plumber”, “lawyer”, etc.

2. Personalization – Google is  trying to fit the results to your previous browsing history. Thus, usually your site, which you visit often, will appear high in the results. The way to avoid this is to sign out of any Google account you use (Gmail, G. Analytics, etc.).

3. Low search volume keywords – Google is pretty consistent when it comes to keywords that are valuable, which are keywords that have high search volume. But when it comes to low search volume keywords, you might get different results depending on which Google server you hit.


CEO and founder of sheerseo.com. Ayal has 20 years of experience in the SEO field. Helped big brands like CityBank & Intuit. Created a few successful online businesses. Most recent is sheerseo.com.

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This is something that I have to constantly remind clients of mine. I find it is best to send my rankings reports including local and national rankings inside of report.

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