RIP Alexa

Unfortunately, Alexa have announced that they are retiring in May 1, 2022.

Pretty surprising, as this is an Amazon company.

We, and many other companies used Alexa to rank sites for traffic. The Alexa rank was a number, where 1 was the most visited website in the internet and the bigger the number, the less traffic it gets.

But the rankings were based on installations of Alexa toolbar, and people stopped using it. So, the rank became less reliable over the years.

We used to give the Alexa rank in the dashboard and also per each link opportunity, like blogs and directories.

Now, with the retirement of Alexa, we will be switching to our own system as possible. We will provide traffic estimation using our huge database of ranks and search volumes, which now has half a billion keywords.

Using organic traffic estimation

As you can see above, we show the estimation of traffic from organic and the number of ranked keywords we identified. This should be much more reliable than the Alexa rankings.

If you are interested in even more reliable data, you can integrate Google Search Console data and then we will use that instead.

Using Google Search Console data

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Global Traveler
1 year ago

No way!

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