RIP – Google PageRank

Sadly, Google decided to stop the support of their Toolbar PageRank. For years, we were able to see Google’s score for each page over the web. On April 2016, two months ago, that stopped. So we can’t tell what is the Google PageRank anymore. Not just us, no one can.

So, we replaced the Google PageRank with the indications we get from Majestic SEO. They scan all the links in the internet, just like Google does, and provide two scores. One is the Citation Flow, which is somewhat similiar to Google PageRank. It is a number between 0 and 100, where 100 is the best score and 0 is the worst. Another score in the Trust Flow. That is also from 0 to 100. The difference between the numbers is that the Citation Flow shows the strength of the backlinks a page has, and the Trust Flow, indicates how trust worthy the link profile of that page is. So, for example, if a page has strong backlinks from unreliable sources, it might have a high Citation Flow score, but low Trust Flow score.

What we did to accommodate for the loss of the PageRank is to replace it all over our system with Citation Flow and Trust Flow. That includes the Main Referrers screen, the Backlinks Checker, the blogs score in the Blog Reviews section, and the directories score in the Directory Submission feature.

Eyal Aldema
Founder & CEO of SheerSEO

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Great post, I also remember when we could easily get those metrics now I have to use other third party sources to do my research but this is what it takes to do great SEO then so be it

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