UI Enhancement – Added Graphs to Main Pages

It’s time to admit.

Some of our main pages were a little boring.

A lot of data was presented in a big table without any graphics.

Specifically, the rankings, backlinks, and domains’ overview pages (in agency accounts).

So, we have worked hard to enhance those pages with some helpful graphs.

Current Rankings

We added a top graphs section here.

Graphs section of the current rankings screen

As you can see above, the graphs section lists a few details:

  • The number of ranked keywords (ranked in the first 10 pages of google results)
  • The organic traffic you get from Google to this website. We take that from Google Search Console when that is integrated, and give the most accurate results. But, if not available, we will take this data from our rankings database (for supported countries) or the keywords you are tracking on our system.
  • The rank trending, which basically shows how your keywords are spread in different rank levels (1-3, 4-10, 11-100, unranked)
  • The changes that were made in rankings between this and previous data collection.
  • The average rank.

The Backlinks

We’ve added some more visual graphs here too.

Backlinks graphs section

So, here we present:

  • The progress in the number of backlinks and the number of referring domains. You might notice a difference between this number and the actual number we show in the table of links. That is mostly due to the fact that we are showing here the data that exist in Majestic. Which is our data source.
    In the table, we show some more links that we have managed to collect ourselves.
  • The follow/no-follow status of the links.
    For those of you new to SEO, when a backlink is marked as no-follow by the source website, it becomes useless.
  • The citation/trust flow numbers. Those numbers value your site’s link status. Citation flow is the magnitude of backlinks your site has. And Trust Flow is how trustworthy your site’s link profile is.

Domains Overview

Domains overview graphs section

So here, we simply show stuff similar to what we show in the rankings, but soon we will also add a CPC value graph.

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