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As many of you heard, Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer working as of today. We used to rely on it for collecting the number of back links.

So, today we started to gather this information from MajesticSEO. So, don’t be surprised to see a major increase in the number of backlinks. Yahoo Site Explorer wasn’t very reliable lately.
Here is one example of how this looks like on one of the sites we track:
Majestic number of backlinks

We will work to even improve this data in the future by collecting some of this data internally, so stay tuned.

We also plan to break this information further, so we can show the number of sites linking to you domain and to break this information to follow/no follow links.

5 thoughts on “Using MajesticSEO

  1. Dwijayas

    As far as I know, Yahoo Site Explorer has been redirect to Bing isn’t it? But I wonder why there are people who knows about SEO things always suggest to submit to Yahoo Site Explorer? Is Yahoo dying or something? I really appreciate your effort to make this statistics. Keep up the good work.

  2. SEO

    @Dwijayas: SheerSEO said it on the first line, Yahoo Site Explorer doesn’t work anymore. Everyone used it, because it was free. MajesticSEO isn’t free, but provides a much better quality.

    @SheerSEO: Thanks for using MajesticSEO and continue improoving your core functions :)

  3. Oralia Balnis

    I can’t believe you do not convey more suggestions as you wrote an entertaining posting through which needs to become commented not to mention saved to fav. I actually bookmarked it making use of headings: Using MajesticSEO | SheerSEO – Product Announcements and shared this among our friends.

  4. Mike

    Can we expect new features in the near future? It’s a loooooooong time ago, and your service isn’t really cheap..

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Mike,

    You’re correct!
    This is because of 2 major and challenging features we are working on.
    One is a site explorer, which means we will have information regarding all the links over the web. To understand why this is such a big feature, you need to understand the amount of work this feature requires. We are talking about scanning billions of pages and storing trillions of links. This feature is expected to be live within 1-2 months.
    The second big feature, is that we are replacing our interface. The new interface will look better and will be more dynamic and allow faster navigation and work. I hope this will be launched within a week.



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