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Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is the affiliate commission?

Answer: We pay 50% of the money paid by the client or 100$. For example, a standard license costs 10$ a month or 110$ paid yearly, so the commission will be 5$ a month or 55$ a year. When the commission reaches 100$ for that client it will stop.

Question: When is the commission given?

Answer: We pay at the 10th of each month for the money paid by the customer in the previous month. So, 50% of the money paid by the customer in June will be paid in July 10th.

Question: What do I need to do to start earning cash?

Answer: You need to sign up first using our sign up page, then login with your affiliate user and pick one of our banner/links in the resources page and add those to your site.
Those banners/links contain your affiliate id so we can track the visitors coming from you.

Question: What is the minimal payment?

Answer: The minimum payment is 100$. We will only pay when your commission reaches this amount.

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