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Online SEO software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building.

Rank Tracking

Accurate, localized, rank tracker for Google, Bing and YouTube.

  • Rankings up to 200 first results
  • Mobile and local pack results
  • Supports all major countries and localization per city/zip code

Explore Backlinks

Analyze your & competitors' backlinks

  • Vast backlinks DB with trust/authority scores
  • Guard your main backlinks and get alerts if they drop/change
  • Identify toxic backlinks and remove them

Keyword Research

Find keyword ideas to focus on

  • Get keyword ideas from our 1 billion keywords DB
  • See what are the main keyword used by your competitors
  • Compare your main keywords to competitors and find gaps


Spy on your competitors and get ideas from them

  • Compare rankings
  • Get keyword ideas from competitors
  • Get backlink ideas

On-Page SEO

Analyze your on-page SEO

  • Use site audit to analyze technical SEO issues
  • Perform Page optimization to See how to optmize your page for speciffic keywords
  • Benchmark your pages against the leading results for a keyword

Check Your Website

Free forever. No credit card required!

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Keywords database


Starts at just $10/month

End-to-end solution

For Businesses

SEO Professionals

All in one, website SEO software

Manage all of your SEO activities in one place.
Perform rank tracking, SEO audit, keyword research, directory submissions, bloggers outreach, indexed pages, backlinks,

Competitors Research

Learn what your competitors are doing for SEO:
  • Steal from their keyword ideas.
  • Find their backlinks

Keyword Research

Find which keywords to focus on:
  • See which keywords can bring precious traffic to your site
  • See which keywords drive traffic to your competitors

SEO Audit

Find technical issues in your pages that could move your site to the first page in Google results.

Reliable Rank Tracking

Accurate ranking in search engines, including support for local city and mobile tracking. View insights per each keyword like search volume, clicks, and historical data.

All-In-One SEO Tool

Top-notch backlinks analysis, SEO audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, and link building.

White label reports

  • Impress your clients with branded SEO reports in PDF/CSV, or branded online access
  • Show your clients how well their SEO status is improving

Quick and helpful support

Our support is fantastic!
Get any issue resolved instantly by the developers who wrote the code.

SheerSEO Software Reviews

Small businesses

SEO companies

Feb 9, 2022

A great website for basis SEO needs

I like that there is a free version of the website that still shows you a lot of information about your sites SEO, including ranking keywords, keyword ideas, organic ideas and more. With the free account, you are also able to pick a couple of posts for optimization targets. This free account gives you a glimpse of the full version which is good because you can try it before you buy. It's also a very easy website to use and the layout is clean and simple. You also get an email each week when everything has been updated which helps to remind me to check it out.

It's helping me realise what keywords I rank for and what others I could try and use. It helps to show me post optimization and gives me enough of a glimpse at the full product to make me want to try it.

Lucy M.

Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
SEO Agency (50 or fewer emp.)
G2 Verified Purchaser
Aug 03, 2022

Actionable reports - at a glance!

I only discovered SheerSEO a few months ago - but I'm so pleased that I did!

Not only does it provide actionable and vital SEO info at a glance, but the weekly report I receive by email is a great prompt to go and make some changes to websites when needed.

Honestly - it all works beautifully! I can't see any downsides with it so far.

Elle D.

Owner / Founder
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
G2 Verified Purchaser
Aug 25, 2021

A Very Easy SEO Tool For Beginners And Advanced Users

What I like and enjoy about using this software is how nicely the dashboard lays out what is going on with my site.

Competitors: Competitor's Keywords, Organic Research, Keyword Gap, etc,
Research: Keyword Research that includes Keyword ideas and Competitor's Keywords.
And finally, the support is amazing. They will get back to you in a very reasonable time, very quick in most cases, and help solve the issue in no time.


Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
AppSumo Verified Purchaser
Aug 17, 2022

Simple and effective

I am not an SEO expert, and I needed a simple tool to start optimizing SEO before launching a SaaS. SheerSEO is intuitive and produces immediate results. Currently, I am only performing competitor keyword research.

I'm currently performing competitor analysis, and the keywords gave me insight into their marketing strategies, for example, the kind of magnet they provide or the content they publish.

Franco G.

Director Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
G2 Verified Purchaser
/ 4
Feb 9, 2022

A steal at this price

A comprehensive suite which I am very happy to be adding to my arsenal. Have gone for a 5 stack for agency capabilities based on the product and support received to date.

Will be watching to see if further stacking is allowed for extra domains but also considering the upgrade.


SEO Agency
AppSumo Verified Purchaser
Apr 13, 2022

Move over SEM Rush - SheerSEO will give you a run for your money!

What do you like best? This is a hard question to answer - just because there's so much to talk about.
Ease of use, Functionality, Insights and Suggestions, and the best part is their Customer Support!
I have emailed their support and they quickly get back to me on my issues.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? I was not looking at resolving any issues at first. I was simply looking for SEMRush alternative.
Seeing their app, I immediately identified and resolved issues that I didn't even think I had with my other tool.
I ran a quick audit of my site and found several items that did not appear on the other tool - which I thought was weird at first, but quickly found out it was accurate.

Vince D.

Chief Technology Officer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
G2 Verified Purchaser
Aug 09, 2021

Excellent feature set

What do you like best?
The range of features, especially the backlinking options and keyword optimisation feature. Support and advice is readily available too, which is invaluable.

What problems is SheerSEO solving and how is that benefiting you?
SEO monitoring and optimisation. I get total transparency on ranking trends and can feel confident of my progress without needing to check Google constantly.

Sam P.

Web Designer
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
G2 Verified Purchaser
June 22, 2022

Amazing SEO Tools and Unbeatable Customer Support

For my site I am working in a very competitive space. I need to know how my competitors are ranking, what keywords they are targeting and which backlinks are most important. SheerSEO instantly helped me get clarity on the competition which has allowed me to create a content plan to rank.

SheerSEO is jam packed with incredibly useful tools to maximize your SEO efforts. I absolutely love the competitor research tools and toxic backlink monitoring. It replaces so many big name tools! However the main thing is the support. It is unbeatably great. I've never in my life been met with such responsive and helpful support. The software is worth purchasing for that alone. I definitely recommend SheerSEO to anyone wanting to improve their SEO game.

Reasons for Choosing SheerSEO:
Same reason I made the switch. I've used the big name tools and their cost, customer support and features didn't align with my needs. SheerSEO has everything I need and their support is beyond exceptional.

Edward I.

Publishing, 1-10 employees
Capterra Verified Purchaser
/ 4