On Page SEO Checker

Why do we Need it?

On page seo is critical to SEO success. Today, I want to show you the best On page SEO checker.

First, we need to understand that on page seo is not a single factor these days. It is built from many factors, which are critical to how Google is seeing your page, and accordingly, how Google decides to rank your page.

There are many On page SEO factors, and there is no single tool today that will check them all. You should employ a few tools to accomplish a complete analysis.

 Let us go over all the on page seo aspects and show the recommended tools for them.

Spotting General SEO Issues – SEO Site Audit

There is an SEO checklist that should be checked per each page for SEO. Those are general SEO issues, and there might be around a hundred such issues.

Main ones include:

  • Title tag – is it too long, or too short. Is it absent?
  • H1 tag- are you using the H1 tag correctly in your page.
  • Enough content – pages with thin content have lower chances of ranking well.
  • Broken images – those would surely cause damage to your page SEO.
  • Missing description – description is important for your page, since Google will use that to present your page in the search results.

Those issues and more should be checked through a site audit tool. There are many in the market these days.

A well known such tool is Screaming Frog, which has a free version of up to 500 URLs. The only problem with it is that you need to download and install. Not something we like to do these days.

Screaming Frog

SheerSEO, also has an online SEO site audit, you can see how it looks like here:

SheerSEO Site Audit

Now remember, all those issues found in SEO audit tools, are general, so just having your page clean from errors, will not suffice to rank well for a keyword.

How Google is Seeing Your Website – Keyword Density

Google has a bot that scans your pages and figures out what their content is about.

Computers don’t see pages like humans do, and what they see is a list of words in different amounts. So, after scanning a page, Google sees something like this (taken from our keyword density tool):

Keyword Density

As you can see above, Google is just seeing all kind of keywords and quantities of them. The left one just counts the number of occurrences each keyword appeared. The right one, is smarter, and takes the tag the keyword was found in consideration. So, having the keyword in H1 or title is much more prominent than having it just in plain paragraph text.

So, with keyword density checker, you can see how Google views your page content.

Is Your Content Original – Duplicate Content Checker

Next big factor in On page SEO, is to make sure the content is original.

Google will not let a copied text rank, so you ought to make sure that your content is original. Specially if that content was produced by a content write you hired online.

There are tools that check originality of your text. They are called Plagiarism checkers and a recommended choice is https://www.copyscape.com/

Your content should not only be original on the web, but also original within your own website. Many times, I see multiple pages that are basically the same, but because their URLs are different, Google treats them as copies, and thus neither of them ranks well. This could easily be resolved by either removing copies of the page or using canonical tags.

SheerSEO, uses an algorithm, written by the founders of Google, from their days in Stanford university, called the COPS algorithm, to identify duplicate content. And we show that in the SEO audit.

A picture containing screenshot

Description automatically generated
The COPS Algorithm

Load Speed

Your page load speed is critical these days for SEO. Specially with mobile rankings.

Checking page load speed is a difficult problem, since you’ll need to check not only the time it takes for the HTML page to load, but also the time it takes for the images, css, js files to load, then run. Finally, you’ll need to watch the time it takes for the page to render. So, this is a complex problem.

Luckily, we have a tool made by Google that does just that. It is called page insights.

Google Page Insights Tool

Keyword Specific Page Optimizations

Now comes a part I really think is neglected by most SEOs when it comes to on page SEO.

Runnings an on-page SEO checker, which is specific per keyword.

So, let’s assume we want to optimize a page for the keyword “SEO software”. We need to make sure that the keyword is present in the title, the description, an H1 tag, videos, images, and that the overall density of the keyword is high. SheerSEO has a tool just for that. We call it “Page Optimization”

SheerSEO Page Optimization Tool

Does Your Page Cover all Related Issues?

Say you want your page to be about “Orlando Vacation”. Would it be complete without covering DisneyWorld and Universal studios?

The answer is no. And you can’t expect Google to rank a site that doesn’t include all the main keywords that are related to the main keyword.

So, if you are creating a page around a specific keyword what you want is to find all the relevant keywords that should also be touched in the article.

SheerSEO has a specific tool for that called “Content Benchmark”. Here is how an analysis looks like

Content benchmark example

The way that the content benchmark works is:

  1. We find the top 10 google results for that keyword.
  2. We check which keywords they used and in which HTML tags.
  3. We show the keywords that are dominant in the top Google results and are missing from your page.

Responsiveness – Is Your Page Built for Mobile

Responsiveness refers to the compatibility of your page to mobile phones presentation.

A responsive page would look great on mobile screens, and will not require much zoom in/zoom out.

 With mobile becoming more than half of the search, you definitely don’t want to ignore that.

A well built tool for checking responsiveness is Google’s mobile friendly test

Text Readability

Finally, page readability, is also important. Hard to read text is not going to rank well.

A recommended tool for checking your page readability is readable.com

In Conclusion

There is no single on page seo checker, but a variety of tools that create a complete check for all SEO related issues.

The easiest way to handle this is to use an online software that does most of the work and complete some of the other areas with other tools that you find useful.

Once you can master all of the on page SEO process, you will see the prize of great rankings for your keywords.


CEO and founder of sheerseo.com. Ayal has 20 years of experience in the SEO field. Helped big brands like CityBank & Intuit. Created a few successful online businesses. Most recent is sheerseo.com.

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Today’s content management systems are largely able to solve technical SEO problems. The problem is what we offer people. I think that only the content we have prepared on a subject that we have experienced personally meets 90% of the needs. The rest is details. Thank you for the article.


Thank you very much for this information and work you put in on this amazing blog sir.

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