We have recently added XML API to SheerSEO. This should be useful for those of you who wish to write their own UI or for applications that want to embed SheerSEO data in their current interface. It currently only supports showing the current SERPs and the historical SERPs search terms, but if there will be […]

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Funny Bing Search

Just wanted to share with you a funny search I did on the new Bing search engine. While developing code for tracking SERPs on Bing I tried monitoring bing.com website to see how it is ranked. The most obvious search string I could think of was “search engine”, so here is what I got: First […]

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So You Want Printable Reports, PDF Anyone?

PDF reports is a feature that some users are asking for some time. I have added that to SheerSEO’s task list, but always gave it a low priority. So people kept asking, and I kept trying to convince myself, that it is not important. I recently heard that request again and again, so, I had […]

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Considering New Feature – Competitor Monitoring

One of the features I’m planning to add soon is competitor monitoring. I am still not sure exactly what should be done there and would like to hear what you got to say. Roughly, here is what I have in mind: Monitor about 5 main competitor sites Get their ranking for the main search terms […]

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