Agency SEO Software

If you want to use our SEO software for multiple domains, either if you are an SEO agency, SEO professional or just a company with multiple domains, agency packages are the probably the right choice for you. This is because those packages have their features and pricing tailored for such usage. In the following sections, I'll outline the special features that make these packages suitable for doing SEO for multiple domains, especially if you are an SEO agency or a professional SEO consultant. SheerSEO is the perfect agency seo software.

Multi User Login

One of the most common needs for an SEO agency is to have a single login for multiple domains, but still be able to provide each client a login to a single domain. This is exactly what we have with the agency account. There is one account, called the agency account, which provides access to all domains, but also each domain has its own domain account, with a separate login.

As you can see in the image above, the agency account can select which domain to look at. The domain account doesn't have that selection, so it can only watch one domain.

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The agency account has all the privileges to add/remove/edit all of the domain accounts that are associated to it, while the domain account can only observe the data collected. So, only the operator of the agency account, can change the keywords, monitored pages, or any other setting. Also, the agency account operator decides if the domain account will be able to use the promotion features, like the blog review requests. Typically, those will be used only by the agency account operator.

Domains Overview

As you can see in the image above, the agency account also shows a summarized overview of the status of all the domains. For agency accounts with a large number of domains, this might be very useful.


As opposed to paying for multiple single domain accounts, the agency accounts provide better pricing per domain, but you are committed to bulks of 10 domains. Another big difference is that with the agency accounts the limits are for the total of all domains, so some domains might use more of the limits than others, as long as the total limit isn't breached. Pricing starts at 49$/month for the small agency, which is limited to 10 domains. The more domains you have in the agency, the better the pricing per domain becomes. All packages of our agency seo software allow for adding/removing domains later on at a small price.


The agency accounts allow you also to brand the screens for your company. This is done by replacing the logo with your logo. Note: If you are looking for full white label service, where we also replace the URLs, email, company name, and the entire interface (even the language if needed). For more information on the white label (which has additional cost), see here: SEO software white label

Feature Sets

All our agency packages (small agency, medium agency and agency) come in three flavors, which we call feature sets. Those are:

  • Basic - has all the basic features like all our tracking for SERPs, PageRank etc. Same as exist in the free account
  • Advanced - Adds the information taken from Google Analytics and from Google Search Console regarding visits and impressions per each keyword. Also increases the limits per each feature.
  • Pro - Has all the advanced features mentioned above, plus competitors tracking and blog reviews.

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