Automate your SEO with SheerSEO Software

Gather all of your SEO information in one place.
See the big picture of your website's SEO and make your seo process efficient.
Track your progress and automate the tedious SEO work.

SEO Software

Rank Tracking

Track your keywords in all major search engines.

Check your progress and see accompanying data per each keyword like: search volume, visits, impressions, change since last week.

View historical data in clear graphs.

Compare how you fare against competition.

Export this data to PDF or Excel.

Page Optimization

Get optimization grade and see what needs to be fixed to get your page fully optimized for each keyword.

Compare your page to other pages that rank on first page for that keyword.

Explore & Create Backlinks

Explore your site's backlinks and examine their value and changes.

Check your competitor backlinks and find opportunities.

Guard your main backlinks and get alert once they drop/change.

Create new backlinks from relevant bloggers & web directories.

For SEO Agencies/SEO Pros

Many SEO agencies use our software for tracking their clients, optimize websites and manage backlinks.

We have special features for SEO agencies like management of multiple domains with quick overview, multiple logins, white label and xml api.

Reporting to clients can't be easier with PDF and CSV reports.


Reporting can't be easier with our PDF and CSV reports.

Reports can be created manually, or mailed automatically.

White labelled reports are available for SEO agencies.

Competitors Research

Learn from your competitors.

Analyse their ranked keywords, backlinks and content. See what works and for them and use the same strategies that work for them.

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