Tracking Competitors

You can use SheerSEO to track your competitors.

SheerSEO can track their rankings in search engines and analyze their main referring sites.

This feature, which is part of the professional package, allows you to track up to 5 competitors (can be upgraded to 10).

Comparing Current Rankings

Allows you to see clearly where you are ranked against your main competitors.

You can choose to see the results on either Bing or Google by using the "Search Engine" combo box at the top.

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The following properties are collected per search term:

  • The rankings of your competitors in the search results. This result could be localized to your country (each country yields different results in search engines)
  • Search volume - the estimated amount of queries performed monthly for this search term.
  • Average CPC - the average cost per click for this search term.
  • The date when the last data was taken.

Sorting - all columns are sortable (in ascending or descending order). Sorting is done when pressing the header of the column.

Segmentation/grouping - to help working with large amounts of keywords, you can define groups of keywords, and then filter your view by those groups.

Email reports - The data can be exported to:

  • CSV(comma separated values) file, which can then be used by Excel.
  • PDF file, which can be viewed by Acrobat reader.

Comparing historical Rankings

Allows you to track your progress over time against your main competitors.

You can choose both the search engine and the keyword to show results for.

Analyze Main Links to competitors

Allows you to see the main link to your competitors.

The main links to your competitors might be good opportunities for you. When seeing the links' details it is easy to see which of them have the greatest contribution to your competitor's site.

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