Master Account

If you want to track multiple domains using SheerSEO SEO software, you'll find this feature very useful. While each domain is tracked and administered through a different domain account, the master account provides a single account that enables easy management of a group of domain accounts.

The Master account enables the following:

  • Single login to all domain accounts that belong to the master account. You just need to login to the master account and then switch between the domain accounts by using a simple combo box.
  • Apply the same default settings (password, email and contact details) to every new domain added to the master account. Thus, simplifying the account creation process.
  • In case you decide to order/upgrade accounts, the master account enables you to receive a bulk price discount and a single payment process to all upgraded accounts.
  • Each domain has its own login, so this is useful for SEO agencies/pros to provide each client with a login to a single domain account, while managing them all through the master account.

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Master Account Settings

figure 2 - master account administration screen

As you can see in the above screenshot taken from the master account administration screen, there are many things you can configure for the master account. Those include:

  • Contact details for the master account.
  • Default number of results per page. This will apply to all domains in the master account, unless there is a different setting in the specific domain account.
  • Where to send the report e-mails. You can send that to either the domain account owner, the master account owner, or none of them.
  • How to send alert e-mails. E-mails like warning of a drop of a back link. You can send those to either the master account owner, or the domain account owner or not send them at all.
  • Enable/disable the directory submission feature. If you disable, they will still be available for the master account, but not for the domain account.
  • Enable/disable settings. So, you can hide the settings screens for the domain account user. This is useful for SEO agency/pro that wants to be the only one that is allowed to make changes to the account.

Adding Domains

figure 2 - adding a domain to the master account

As you can see in the above screenshot taken from the master account administration screen:

  • The "Domains in master account" section shows the domains that are currently part of this master account.
  • The "Add existing account to master account" form, enables you to add your existing domain accounts. It requires entering the user and password of those accounts.
  • The "Start tracking a new domain" form, enables adding new domain accounts to the master account. Once you press the "add" button, you will be forwarded to the registration process for the new domain account creation where you'll need to state the search terms and pages you are interested in following.

You can create a master account here: Create master account

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