Track Rankings (Positions) in Search Engines

SEO is intended to improve your website's rankings in the major search engines. While this is easily done for a small number of search terms, it is hard to monitor a large amount of search terms and to remember the ranking of a specific search term at a given point in time.

SheerSEO software can track multiple search terms rankings in Google and Bing. This automatic monitoring will be done once a week and can save you a lot of time spent on gathering this information.

Each of the desired search terms will be searched for in the 200 first results in Google and Bing.

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You can choose to see the results on either Bing or Google by using the "Search Engine" combo box at the top.

The following properties are collected per search term:

  • The ranking of your site in the search results. For convenience, this number is linked to the actual page on the search engine.
  • The URL within your site that appears in the search results.
  • The change since the last time the data was retrieved.
  • Historical data for that search term.
  • Search volume(*) - the estimated amount of queries performed monthly for this search term.
  • Average CPC(*) - the average cost per click for this search term.
  • Estimated Clicks(*) - the estimated amount of visitors this search term will yield from the search engine, based on the ranking and the search term monthly search volume.
  • Real Clicks(*) - the amount of visits that resulted from this search term in the last month. This data is taken from Google Analytics.
  • The date when the last data was taken.

(*)- Only available in the "advanced" and "professional" accounts.

Sorting - all columns are sortable (in ascending or descending order). Sorting is done when pressing the header of the column.

Segmentation/grouping - to help working with large amounts of keywords, you can define groups of keywords, and then filter your view by those groups.

Localization - rankings differ between countries and sometimes per area within the country. We support localizing the results per country. To see the list of countries that have localized results use this link. We also support localizing the results per zip code in US and UK.

Mobile Rankings - On April 2015, Google started to differentiate results when the search is performed on mobile or desktop. We support tracking both mobile and desktop rankings on Google.

Email reports - The data can be exported to:

  • CSV(comma separated values) file, which can then be used by Excel.
  • PDF file, which can be viewed by Acrobat reader.

Comparison - You can compare the current rankings to either the last sample taken, or any date in the past. The change since that time will display in the "change" column. This useful when you want to show progress made over a given period.

Historical Positions

Each search term ranking in the results of the search engines (this is called SERP) can be monitored over time. Currently only Google and Bing are monitored (both control around 90% of the search engine users).

Results are presented in graphical charts that provide easy view of historical data.

Each of the desired search terms will be searched for in the 200 first results of Google and Bing.

  • You can choose to see the results at either Google or Bing by using the "search engine" combo box.
  • You can select the search term by using the "search term" combo box.
  • You can select the date range for the historical data.
  • Results can be exported to CSV file in various formats to either show the historical data or the progress made within a selected time frame.

This feature will only be useful for registered clients (signup is free), since historical data will only be collected for registered clients.

Automate your SEO process. Try our 60 day free trial!
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