This screen shows you summarized data, collected from several indicators within the site. This screen is meant to serve as a simple way to measure the progress achieved in SEO for your site.

Total Monthly Estimated Clicks

Shows you the total estimated clicks you get from search engines each week. This data is based on the keywords' monthly volume and their rankings in the search engines.

Total Citation Flow Boost

The Citation Flow boost given by the source URL.
This is calculated per link by the following formula: (10^(citation flow/10))/(# outbound links).
For example, a citation flow 30 back link with 2 outbound links, will give (10^(30/10))/2=(10*10*10)/2=1000/2=500 boost.
The number presented here is calculated by summing up the citation flow boost per link.

# Keywords in Google First Page

Shows you the amount of keywords in Google first page each week.

Average Google Rank

The average position for all of the site's keywords.