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Track Multiple Websites

SEO agencies and SEO professionals love our agency packages.

Agency packages allow you to track multiple websites conveniently.

  • Each website automatically has its' own login, and the master account has a single login to all of domains. So, you can provide a login to each client that only has read rights.
  • Each single website login allows only to view the website's data, while the master account can also modify/cancel them.
  • The master account has a special overview screen for easy overview of the overall status of the accounts.

  • White Label

    We got 2 levels of white labeling.

  • Logo branding - this feature comes with each agency package, and allows to replace the top logo on both the online interface and the downloaded reports.

  • Full white label - this feature, allows to brand the entire online interface (as seen in the left image), the reports, the email address used to send mails to the client, and your URLs.

    It erases any mention of from the application.

  • Reports

    Reports are collected and can be sent automatically to each of the websites in the account.

    We can send the report directly to the client, or just send a notification that new data is ready and allow the client to login.

    SheerSEO has reports for current and historical rankings, back-links, and social data.

    You can download the reports in PDF and CSV formats.

    Simple, Accurate and Affordable

    SheerSEO service is easy to use and allows basic and advanced usage for Professional SEOs.

    Our pricing plans may seem complicated at first, but they can fit any business without major costs.

    We allow you to focus on the exact features you need.

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