Tracking Search Features

Google Search Features are becoming very critical to SEO these days. Google has managed to divert more than half of the visitors to the search results to non organic results. See our search features post if you want to learn more about search features. So, it is time for us to help our users track […]

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Google Search Features

Recently, Google has managed to achieve a major milestone. The organic results, which we used to see as regular blue links, are now clicked less the 50% of the time for Google searches! I was shocked to see that figure analyzed by Rand from SparkToro. How are Google doing that?! through aggressive search features. Those […]

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I’m happy to announce that we are launching our new SEO api. It is an api for Google/Bing rank tracking and SERPs (list of results per keyword). Based on our reliable service and it provides great pricing. Who Needs API? So, why would anyone need our api?! The API is typically useful for users who […]

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Improvements to Backlinks Screen

Backlinks Grouping

Hi, I want to tell you about a few improvements I did to the previously called “Main Referrers” screen. Renamed it to “Backlinks”. Within the backlinks screen, you have a “List” screen, which simply lists all the backlinks you have. This data is taken from Majestic and we add some of our data to it. […]

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Track Google Local Pack Results

local pack Google

Google local pack results are very important to websites who target local market (vs websites who target nationwide market). They look like this: And usually they will appear at the top of the first page of results, which makes them highly clickable. They also have a lot more critical info like image, address and phone, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Good Backlinks

Google rankings are mostly based on PageRank and relevancy. PageRank is the core of Google’s algorithm, and it is a measure of the backlinks profile each page on the internet has. Relevancy is simply a measure of google for estimating how relevant your page is for a certain keyword. What Makes a Good Backlink It […]

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Added Search for Keywords

Just wanted to let you know I’ve added search option to filter the keywords in the rankings screen. See here: Hope you find that convenient.

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SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Preface – Is SEO for You? If you’re considering starting to do some SEO for your website, this guide is for you. This tutorial is for people who want to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but are worried that SEO is too complicated, and they think they need to hire a professional to do […]

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Paid Blog Posts

Finally, I can announce on the launch of a new feature, that was long being in the making. Paid blog posts. Why?! Because blog posts are one of the best ways to get a back link. They are natural looking links, embedded into relevant text, and if you choose correctly, within a blog that relates […]

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Paid Directories

I’m happy to announce on a new feature for link building, Paid Directories. Up until now we offered a list of free web directories you could submit to. The problem was that the response time from those directories was horrible, and many times they would ignore the submission. The recent problem is that those directories […]

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