Moving to HTTPS

Just moved our site to https. The trend is to use https for all pages in websites, even ones that don’t handle any private/sensitive information. So, we moved all our pages to https. Up until now, only our ordering pages were secured. Google are pushing this, because their officials say they give more credit to […]

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Dashboard Export

We now added an PDF export to the dashboard. For all the SEOs out there – this allows you to send much more impressive PDF to your clients. Not just the usual boring rankings table, but a comprehensive graphical data about their website. To just export the dashboard, use the export button on the bottom […]

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New Dashboard

We’ve just added a new dashboard to the domain accounts. Here is how it looks like: You can find it in the menu, just above the rankings. The dashboard has 3 main sections: Rankings – average rank, rank trending and keyword changes since last collection. Web Presence – data from Majestic and Alexa regarding the […]

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Rankings Discrepancies

Many times I get customers saying that our rankings are not correct. While our system may have errors, that is rare. A more probable cause you see different results in Google than what are system is giving is: 1. Localization – Google gives a different results based on your location. The country is the most […]

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Analytics Information is not Reliable – “not provided”

We know for some time that Google started hiding much of their organic search data from monitoring applications. When we come to see the keywords that originated the searches we see “not provided” most of the time. There is nothing new here, but lately it has become so extreme that Google Analytics information regarding organic […]

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Responsive UI

We’ve worked hard to keep adjusting our interface to be mobile friendly, or in other words “responsive”. You’ll notice that we changed our application side menu, so it is hidden when seen on small screens by default. You can use the hamburger menu next to our logo to show/hide the menu. See here (menu hidden): […]

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Optimization Targets – New SEO Feature

I am happy to announce on a new feature, called Optimization Targets, we just added to sheerseo. I believe this is a very important feature which combines the main features we have in sheerseo. It reflects the entire SEO process, of picking up the right keywords, then optimizing both on page and off page SEO, […]

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RIP – Google PageRank

Sadly, Google decided to stop the support of their Toolbar PageRank. For years, we were able to see Google’s score for each page over the web. On April 2016, two months ago, that stopped. So we can’t tell what is the Google PageRank anymore. Not just us, no one can. So, we replaced the Google […]

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Many More Back-Links in Main Referrers

As probably many of you already noticed, we started showing a lot more backlinks in the Main Referrers screen since last week. This is due to an upgrade we did, which now takes many backlinks from Majestic SEO. Another nice feature here is that we show more indications regarding the value of the backlink through […]

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Change in Webmaster Tools Integration

As many of our users well know, G. Analytics (and any other tracking software) is not reliable in providing data regarding visits from Google. Which has caused many users to use G. Webmaster Tools for that purpose. Our software allows grabbing data from G. Webmaster Tools regarding the keywords that brought you traffic for the […]

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