SheerSEO Now Supports City/Zip Code SERPs Tracking in US

We now started supporting localization per zip code in the US. Since Google now localizes the results not only per country, but also per specific city, or even regions within the city in bigger cities, some businesses need to see how they are doing in the SERPs for those localizations. This is mostly relevant to […]

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Page Optimization

I’m happy to announce on our newest feature, called “page optimization”. One of our most common tasks in SEO is to optimize a page for a certain keyword. Usually this involves altering the page to have the keyword in the title & H1 tag, improve keyword density of the keyword in the page. Maybe add […]

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Compare Past Rankings

We’ve launched a new feature this week that allows to compare the rankings of your website between 2 past dates. This can be useful to see the progress achieved during a work done in the past or simply see the progress over a given time period in the past. Here is an example: Note this […]

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Integrating Data From Google Webmaster Tools

The Motivation Not sure if you are aware of that or not, but recently Google started hiding information regarding the keywords that initiated searches from the sites that the users are going to. Google claims this is for privacy reasons. Some people think it is an issue with Google Analytics, but it isn’t. No matter […]

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I’m happy to announce that we are launching a brand new service – Backlinks Checker (Site Explorer). It is on a different domain, This project started after Yahoo decommissioned their site explorer about 2 years ago. What it does, if you don’t know what site explorer means, is show your website’s backlinks. Initially, this […]

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Raven Are Shutting Down Their Rankings

So, as many of your heard. Raven tools, which are one of the favorite solutions for rank tracking by SEO agencies, are stopping their rankings feature early next month. This is due to Google actions against them. I just want to make it clear that we are going to keep this feature live and there […]

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New User Interface!!!

It has been a while since we launched something and users start asking why we didn’t load any new features. The reason was that we were working on a few bigger improvements and those take long time to develop. One of those new improvements is a new UI (user interface). Here is how it looks […]

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Using MajesticSEO

As many of you heard, Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer working as of today. We used to rely on it for collecting the number of back links. So, today we started to gather this information from MajesticSEO. So, don’t be surprised to see a major increase in the number of backlinks. Yahoo Site Explorer […]

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Content Benchmarking – Next Step in On Page SEO

I want to introduce a new feature, which is aimed to help in our on page SEO efforts. It is an advanced way to analyze how well our page is optimized for a certain keyword. So first, let’s explain the logic behind this. We want to optimize the content of a page for a certain […]

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Facebook Tracking

With Facebook getting so much attention in the marketing area, we can no longer leave that behind. Also, there are claims that Facebook shares effect your Google rankings. So we need to pay some attention to how our websites are mentioned on Google. We started collecting Facebook data last week, and today the data is […]

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