Back Link Counts are Unreliable

For some time SheerSEO is using Yahoo Site Explorer as a source for getting the number of back-links per domain. We are aware that it isn’t perfect, but it used to be the best option around. Lately, their bugs are becoming ridiculous, making this tool unreliable. Here is how our results look like in the […]

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New Agency Pricing Plans

One of the most confusing things about our SEO software, is the way you should work with multiple domains. There isn’t a single day I don’t need to answer questions about how to get setup with multiple domains and how much will it cost to use our services for multiple domains. So, we’ve added today […]

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Web Directory Submission – New Feature

I’m happy to announce a new feature in SheerSEO, web directory submission. So, I’ll start by explaining what web directories are all about. If you are an SEO veteran, you should probably skip this part. Web directories are sites dedicated to organize lists of websites, organized into categories. A few years ago, this was how people […]

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Keyword Segmentation/Groups – New Feature

We’ve added a new feature today to our SEO software, which was requested lots of times by various users. For those of you that have many keywords to track, it is hard to watch the data. While there may be 600 keywords you want to track, only a small number are the them are the […]

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PageRank Boost – See Which Link Contribute More

Another feature was added today to our SEO software. One that I was really waiting for. Up until now, we could only see the backlinks and their PageRank, but that isn’t telling the entire story of PR juice contribution. The real story is hidden in the PageRank formula used to calculate PageRank and we’ve added […]

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Summary – new feature

I’ve added a new feature to SheerSEO. A Summary screen. It shows summarized data, collected from several indicators within the site. Currently it gives only a few indications, but more will come in the near future. Here is a snapshot taken from the demo account, where we monitor our own site, As you can […]

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Estimated Clicks

A new feature on SheerSEO I just launched today is the estimated clicks per search term. Here is a snapshot from our own site’s data (you can see the full results in our online software demo): You can see in the snapshot that there is a new column called “Estimated Clicks”. It shows the estimated […]

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Tracking Twitter Mentions – New Feature

I’m excited to announce a new feature was launched today at SheerSEO. We now track Twitter mentions of your site in Twitter. The buzz around Twitter is so big, and it seems it has become such a valuable way to promote your services, so it is high time to track that also. Many users may […]

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Supporting Multiple Localizations – New Feature

Up until now, you could use SheerSEO to track your keywords in one localization (combination of country and language). So, for example, you could track your keywords for United Kingdom, or United States. But what happens if you have audience in multiple countries, like we do, or if you happen to live in a country […]

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New Feature – Historical Rankings Snapshot

I’ve just launched a new feature that will help viewing historical rankings. Up until now, SheerSEO only enabled viewing historical results in a graph showing a single search term’s rankings over time. This is nice, but some times people want to see the many search terms at the same time, like the table in the […]

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