Check Rankings for All Search Engines At Once

I’ve just added a new feature to our SEO software, which allows viewing the rankings from Google, Bing and Yahoo at once. See a screen shot here: It allows to export all the rankings to PDF and CSV, which was requested by many users. Up until now, some users exported every single search engine by […]

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Mailed SEO Reports

I’m happy to announce a new feature, mailed SEO reports, which allows to automate the process of creating PDF/CSV reports and mailing them to you. Users requested this feature long time ago, but I gave it low priority, because I believe that the best way of viewing our reports is online. A PDF/CSV report, attached […]

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Support for IPhone/IPad in Charts

I’m happy to announce that our SEO software now fully supports IPhone and IPad. If you didn’t just land from another planet, you’ve probably heard that Adobe & Apple are having a fight, which results in Iphone and IPad not supporting the flash. This means that SheerSEO’s flash charts were not seen on those devices […]

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PDF Reports – New Feature

Up until now, you didn’t have a way to export data from our SEO software to a PDF report. This was because we believe that the preferred way is to use our data online. But for some, this is not enough, mainly for some SEO agencies that insist on sending attached reports in emails. We […]

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CompareTo On Rankings Screen

One of the most requested features for some time is to be able to compare the rankings not just to the last sample, but to a selected past date. This is highly relevant, for example, when your polling frequency is daily, but you want to see the progress made since last month. So, the new […]

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New Pricing Options for Agency Accounts

The agency plan, which allows to have multiple domains under the same account, had very limited options up until now. You could only order it with plans that give features similar to the standard package (package per single domain), and only with weekly polling. We now offer another plan, called medium agency, which allows up […]

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Blog Reviews – New Feature

We are launching a new feature today, which is probably unique to our SEO software. We call it “blog reviews”. Just in a brief, the idea is to automate the process of finding relevant blogs to your website, and sending the bloggers a request to review your service. Why Blog Reviews Are Important If you […]

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Using Google Analytics Data

I’m happy to announce on a great addition to our SEO software, which could be very beneficial to many of our users. You can now see your real visits from organic search. This data is very important when used within the rankings reports. The best way to explain this is by showing it, so here […]

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Identify Dropped/New Back Links

I’m happy to announce a new feature. SheerSEO users know that you can find valuable information regarding your back links in the main referrers screen. But one important capability was missing until now, and that is identifying which of those links are new and which of the links that used to exist have now dropped. […]

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Improved Keyword Density

I’ve heard recently that keyword density is obsolete and should no longer be a factor in SEO. I want to get to the bottom of this issue in this post, and describe the new improvement to our software’s keyword density feature. First of all, let’s start by explaining what keyword density is. Search engines are […]

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