Added Search for Keywords

Just wanted to let you know I’ve added search option to filter the keywords in the rankings screen. See here: Hope you find that convenient.

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SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Preface – Is SEO for You? If you’re considering starting to do some SEO for your website, this guide is for you. This tutorial is for people who want to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but are worried that SEO is too complicated, and they think they need to hire a professional to do […]

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Paid Blog Posts

Finally, I can announce on the launch of a new feature, that was long being in the making. Paid blog posts. Why?! Because blog posts are one of the best ways to get a back link. They are natural looking links, embedded into relevant text, and if you choose correctly, within a blog that relates […]

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Paid Directories

I’m happy to announce on a new feature for link building, Paid Directories. Up until now we offered a list of free web directories you could submit to. The problem was that the response time from those directories was horrible, and many times they would ignore the submission. The recent problem is that those directories […]

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Improved Groups Screen

Just finished uploading our revised groups screen. Here is how it looks like: Hope you like it. The old screen got a lot of complaints over the years.    

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Rankings Progress

One of our clients suggested this report. I hope you’ll find it useful as he does. Let’s start with a picture to ease up the explanations: As you can see in the example above, we show here the average rank per week for each keyword. The actual average rank is shown, plus a color that […]

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Reports Section Upgrade

Since we realize that PDF/CSV reports are still important, specially for SEO agencies. We made an upgrade to our reports section. First, we changed the former screen name from “mailed reports” to simply “reports”, and moved this screen from the settings section to the main left menu. Second, we added the option to add a […]

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Moving to HTTPS

Just moved our site to https. The trend is to use https for all pages in websites, even ones that don’t handle any private/sensitive information. So, we moved all our pages to https. Up until now, only our ordering pages were secured. Google are pushing this, because their officials say they give more credit to […]

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Dashboard Export

We now added an PDF export to the dashboard. For all the SEOs out there – this allows you to send much more impressive PDF to your clients. Not just the usual boring rankings table, but a comprehensive graphical data about their website. To just export the dashboard, use the export button on the bottom […]

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New Dashboard

We’ve just added a new dashboard to the domain accounts. Here is how it looks like: You can find it in the menu, just above the rankings. The dashboard has 3 main sections: Rankings – average rank, rank trending and keyword changes since last collection. Web Presence – data from Majestic and Alexa regarding the […]

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